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Chances are you’re searching online looking at homes. We appreciate the fact that you take the guesswork of most of your home search for us. Because of that, we reward our buyers with rebates. This is cash in your pocket, or most likely a credit for closing costs. This amounts to thousands of dollars that we give to you!

We know 95% of all buyers like to look online at their own convenience to “house shop.” We help you out with this by setting you up on CLIENT CONNECT, a personalized website that directs all listings to you that meet your criteria. These are sent to you immediately after they hit the market. This saves you hours of research on your end as we customize the search parameters to meet your specific needs, and only send you listings that truly are active, as you may find that many listings on your search sites are not actually on the market.

We at PDR work as a team and we always have an agent ready to show you properties. Contact us today to set you up on your own website and get out to tour your favorite properties.