Wow! What a find are Julie Swartz and Veronica Raggio! We live in LA but had a flip home to sell in San Diego. I was looking for a 1% agent, but I didn’t want to compromise too much on service—especially given my proximity to the house. Julie and Veronica are simply amazing—this is absolutely not a no frills operation—lovely brochure and Open Houses, the best representation as we were negotiating with multiple offers, coordinated access with tons of workmen, and terrific communication and response time. After we sold that home, we needed to purchase another. As a buyer’s agent they were equally impressive—on the constant lookout for a good deal, honest feedback about properties that they saw potential problems with, quickly dropped everything and rushed to show me properties on a moments notice, and again the best representation in our negotiations with the seller. We just couldn’t have asked for more—and on top of all that, both Julie and Veronica are lovely women that you’d just want to socialize with—you’ve got the whole package with Julie and Veronica—thoroughly impressed!